Jack Aluminium has announced that its TD68 thermal commercial door has passed STS202 – BR2 testing, with a new hardware offering on a 2.5m high double doorset.

STS202 – BR2 accredits doors for protection against continuous attacks using hand tools and levers, focusing on the glazing, beading and locking systems. The company says it gives fabricators and installers a large, remote access control double doorset option with this security accreditation.

Sales and marketing director Jeff Pearson, says: “In the commercial market there is an increasing demand for more secure door options. Architects and Specifiers looking for external doors now place a higher importance on security than ever before and want ones which pass even more stringent tests than the standard PAS24 accreditation, which is why we decided to ramp up testing last year.

“This standard is fast becoming the prevalent option in the marketplace, and after the single door with magnetic locks passed the STS202 test last year, we wanted to test it again on a larger door. As we expected, it passed first time. In fact, we didn’t make any changes to the fabrication process, which is the most impressive part, meaning there is no extra time or cost to fabricators, and now both the single and double TD68 doorset with remote access option are available through Jack Aluminium to STS202- BR2 standard.”