Fastener supplier Rapierstar has become exclusive supply partner for window and door fasteners to Quickslide, meaning its products are now used in the assembly of the West Yorkshire-based fabricator’s core PVCu product range. Following an initial fastener health check, which is a review conducted by Rapierstar’s technical consultants to assess the use and application of the many different fastener types across the factory, the company has supported Quickslide to implement changes that will rationalise fastener use and streamline assembly.

Quickslide MD Ben Weber said: “Fasteners make such an important contribution to the overall quality of our finished products that we simply do not take any risks. We believe that skimping on these smallest but most important of components risks catastrophic failures.

“Poor quality, cheap fasteners that are not necessarily fit for purpose could ultimately cost us dearly, including reputationally, when they inevitably fail or spoil through corrosion for example. That’s why we value the quality of Rapierstar’s products, of course, but their wider support has been important too. In particular, advice from Rapierstar’s specialists on selecting the optimum fixings for each and every element of assembly has also helped us reduce production time and improve the overall integrity of our finished frames.”

Mark Calpin, technical consultant at Rapierstar, added: “By maintaining a reliable supply of consistently high quality fasteners and providing the team with the specialist product and application support they need, we hope our perspective will enhance their quality standards across their window and door range.”

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