Premo Fabrications has become the first façade manufacturer in the UK to take delivery of a new L3 version of Emmegi’s flagship 20-axes Quadra aluminium machining centre.

The L3 adds an extra dimension to the existing L0, L1 and L2 machines, with a secondary module equipped with a dual drilling unit which can mill, drill and tap at any angle on the ends of the profile as well as on the horizontal.

Premo facades production manager Jack Tait explained: “This dual drilling unit opens up additional new business streams for us and gives us capabilities which go beyond our immediate needs but which we know will be useful in the future. 

“With this size of investment, it was crucial for us to choose a machine which was ‘futureproofed’ and would give us scope to go on adding to our product range in the coming months and years.” 

As well as the dual drilling, the Quadra L3 was specced by Premo with a double depth, dual-zone outfeed which works with an automatic push feed and ejector system to maximise the profile throughput.

Premo fabricates almost exclusively in Kawneer profile to supply the ongoing façade requirements of the FK Group, of which it is now a part.

Jack Tait added: “Because the Quadra cuts, drills and machines in one, it mitigates the tolerances which are normally incurred at each separate stage, giving us the precision we need for the FK Group installations, as well as the large scale volumes.”

The Quadra L3 features a CNC operated 600mm vertical cutting module with downward movement on 3 axes and a range from -45° to +245° and a 350mm horizontal cutting module mounted on the same support beam as the drill, with a range from -45° to +45° for large bars and special cuts. 

Because this was the first Quadra L3 to be supplied in the UK, Jack headed out to Italy before the pandemic to see the machine in action at Emmegi’s Modena headquarters.

He added: “The ordering, delivery and installation process were all very efficient and we benefited from excellent training for our operators. What’s particularly good is that we get regular calls and checks to make sure that the machine is operating as we want it to, and we know the Emmegi (UK) team are always available for help and advice.”