Trade bodies have this week received further clarification from the government confirming that in-home selling is permitted in England within limits.

The GGF has issued revised guidance for Home Improvement companies and sub-contractors operating in England during the current lockdown, after gaining confirmation from Government officials of a ‘new interpretation’ of existing guidance on the matter.

Certass Trade chair Jon Vanstone has also given details of the advice in a letter published this week.

Both confirm however that doorstep selling is still forbidden in any circumstance during the current restrictions.

The clarification refers to the function of selling along with surveying for bespoke products such as windows and doors – by appointment and within all safety guidelines.

GGF managing director John Agnew said: “Government officials have recently confirmed directly to the GGF that if selling and surveying in England cannot be done remotely, then companies and their sub-contractors can conduct pre-booked in-house sales and surveys, if carried out within the Safe Guidance.

“The GGF recommends that consumers are offered a remote appointment in the first instance and that advises companies, who cannot sell or survey remotely to ensure they do so, in a controlled and measured manner.”

He added, “The GGF recommends that any in-house selling activity should start in February to ensure a responsible and gradual industry approach.” 

The GGF also advises that all individuals entering a home to carry out work should use the NHS Test and Trace App which can be downloaded from the NHIS website

The organisation also points out that its Primary Authority Partnership confirmed “the (current) level of risk to public health met the requirements for local authorities to be able to issue prohibition notices to businesses as allowed by the regulations”. Companies should be mindful of this possible sanction if they ignore the advice and continue to canvass.

John Agnew concluded: “The published GGF and Government Safe Guidance has not changed, all companies who can continue to operate should ensure they follow the safe guidance to safeguard their employees and customers, and to protect the NHS and save lives.” Further guidance can be found at:

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