The AdminBase installer management system has been made available with Google Maps as a free upgrade.

The facility will allow users to check details of the geographical locations for scheduled site functions to give immediate visual information on the locations for sales, survey, installation and service personnel.

For example, administrators can learn where and when sales people will be at any one time and view appointments by each salesperson or for the whole company. The location and identity of each representative is shown in detail on the map, including the time of their appointment. When new prospects call asking to see a representative, the administrator can summon up the sales map and immediately determine when a rep is in the area to call upon the prospect. 

The addition of Google maps will revolutionise planning for all site functions, says managing director Rhonda Ridge: She explained “In 2020 Google Maps was used by 1 billion people every month and for most of us using the app, it is intuitive. Adding this facility to AdminBase to allow users the ability to look at the map to see where all their site-based people are at any one time, is likely to become one of the most used features of AdminBase,” says Rhonda. “Google Maps will be added automatically to web-based versions of AdminBase, through a free update.”