A mixture of timber sash windows with weights, side hung casements, doors as tall as 3metres and a double glazed roof lantern needed to be replace in only three weeks by Associated Steel Window Services as part of the transformation of a derelict London pub into a residential development’s marketing suite.

Contracts Director Kris Bennell explained how the tight deadline was achieved: “We have great experience when replacement timber windows are required on a project, and this old pub actually contained quite a mix of different types, including traditional sash windows with weights, side hung casements, and a number of doors.  The first floor balcony doors were almost 3 metres tall by 2.2 metres wide and not in a salvageable state.

He continued: “Unusually on projects like this we were asked to take on all of the lifting requirements – hiring in our own mini-crane and rigs – while taking responsibility for the safety matters and lifting plans.  We have often worked in tandem with Erith to enable their demolition or alterations of significant buildings, including in Fleet Street and at Olympia, and were delighted to assist in this very unusual and rapid turnaround.”

Erith project manager James Williams added: “Having worked closely with ASWS for nearly two years on the main Whiteleys redevelopment scheme, I could not recommend them enough. This led us to putting the company forward for the Redan Pub refurbishment.

“The Redan was to be utilised by the Whiteley’s client team as a high-end office space for the duration of the main development of the historic shopping centre around the corner, and it was imperative Erith could rely on a trusted contractor to deliver the quality finish required.”


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