Rehau is introducing Slinova as an upgraded successor to its Agila sliding door system.

Among the enhancements over its predecessor, the size of the lock and keep has been increased to 1800mm. It has an aluminium running track integrated into the frame for smoother running of the door, multi-chamber profiles for greater strength and cover profiles that sit flush with the outer frame for enhanced aesthetics.

The company says a more contemporary design incorporates a square edge bead profile for ‘an aluminium sleek look’.

It is also said to be more fitter-friendly with a treadplate design that has a clip-in feature to the frame, along with minimal componentry, making it easier to fabricate and install.

Slinova is also manufactured with Eco-plus recycled material.

Head of product management and technical Russell Hand said: “We know that homeowners are constantly on the lookout for products that can enhance the look and architecture of their home, while awareness of how more natural light contributes to wellbeing and productivity is ever-increasing. This means sliding doors are quickly climbing up the home improvement list.”

“Our latest sliding door makes the transition from indoor to outdoor much smoother, thanks to its dual and triple track roller door system that means it’s a single, simple and light movement to open the door. Expertly engineered with a discreet 80mm frame depth, Slinova helps maximise natural light through its large glazed area. Slinova caters for a large number of sliding door combinations and can be configured in two, three, four and six pane options that open from either left, right or even from the centre for complete flexibility.”

The company adds that the product is available in a welded sash, welded frame or mechanical frame assembl, the hardware is designed, so that the locks are invisible within the sash, thus providing aesthetic appeal and it has a six-point locking mechanism, three-star lock cylinder and stainless steel hooks.

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