Siegenia is offering ‘access without obstacles’ with the launch of the Eco Pass level 0-mm threshold for its Portal HS lift-slide system.

Initially suitable for timber and timber-aluminium elements, the level 0-mm threshold has a running rail completely recessed in the profile, making it suitable for contemporary projects or those where barrier-free access is specified.

The system offers a 10-chamber profile for thermal insulation and a two-level drainage system claiming the same standard of watertightness as with conventional sloped drainage thresholds.

The topic of energy efficiency is also emphasised because ECO PASS possesses outstanding insulating features and first-class thermal insulation. The well-conceived 10-chamber profile prevents the formation of condensate and provides a pleasant indoor environment. Moreover, the new threshold ensures room comfort due to its excellent watertightness: thanks to the two-level drainage, the same standard of watertightness is achieved as with the conventional thresholds with sloped water drainage channels. 

The manufacturer adds that all extension parts, including sealing components to weather bars, are identical to those of the standard threshold, enabling a fabricator to retain established processes and minimise warehousing.

The system can also be bought as complete project-specific packages, including the thresholds, which are cut to ‘millimetre precision’, individually predrilled, sealed and preassembled. The complete solution also includes all hardware and profile components listed in the order in the matching assembly and length.

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