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Two new solar coatings
30th July 2019

AGC has introduced new solar control coatings: Stopray Vision-52 / Stopray Vision-52T and Stopray Vision-62 / Stopray Vision-62T.

Their double silver combines a solar factor of 33%  for Stopray Vision-62 and 27% Stopray Vision-52 while letting in 62% and 52% respectively of visible light, as well as a Ug value of 1.0 W/(m2K).

The toughenable versions can be curved and further enhanced using silk screen printing or other techniques. The products are matchable, so they can be installed alongside each other in a facade, for example in a combination of flat and curved glass. This is possible because they have the same colour-neutral appearance and colour stability, even when viewed from an acute angle.


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