Finger lickin good

David Halliday and Michael McGrory are hoping their simple but safe Sunbreeze System will stop children losing their fingers.

The Sunbreeze System is designed specifically to prevent french patio doors slamming shut when left open – doors are responsible for thousands of finger trap injuries and related accidents every year.

David and Michael claim their product can reduce the number of accidents which occur with french/patio doors, particularly in young children trapping their fingers. In the UK 28,000 children receive hospital treatment for these injuries each year caused by trapping fingers in doors, with up to 5% requiring surgery.

The invention came about after a sudden breeze during a family barbeque caused David’s patio door to swing open, hitting and injuring his daughters in the process.

After using a plank of wood to prop the doors open from the top, he then searched the internet but couldn’t find a solution to his problem. After talking to his cousin Michael, the two developed a robust product that could be installed by anyone for all types of patio doors. The product evolved to include a pull out awning, LED lights and a bug net which also creates an ambient inside space outside. Also with the added benefit of cost savings on repairs to doors, hinges, glass and brickwork caused when the doors are caught by gusts of wind.








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