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Enhanced sliding door range
13th February 2018

Schueco UK is launching a range of sliding door systems for domestic and commercial properties.

The ASE 60 & 80 platform, covering both sliding and lift-and-slide doors, comprises fifteen opening types including six single-track options.

The vent frames across both platforms use the same inner and outer shells with only the isolator changing. This facilitates switching between different systems since additional stock-holding requirements are minimised.

All ASE 60 and 80 doors have a basic frame depth of 60mm or 80mm with a maximum vent size of 3.2m x 3.5m, which is said to be the largest currently on the market, and include SmartStop and SmartClose technology. Both systems are able to accommodate loads of up to 350 kg, offering the possibility of triple glazing.

A Design Line option is available to offer enhanced design benefits such as concealed fittings and a slimline interlock with a 40mm sightline.

The ASE 60, offers Uw of up to 1.1 W/m2K, while the ASE 80.HI meets Passive House standards.

Additional features of the Schueco ASE 60 & 80 platform include profiles that, being symmetrically identical, enable the vent to be positioned on either the inside or the outside.


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