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Mobile apps
10th September 2019

AdminBase from Ab Initio, sales and management system for UK window and door installers, has been extended with the launch of mobile apps covering sales, survey, installation and remedial services.

AdminBase now allows these tasks to be managed and completed in the customer’s home, with all inputs sent automatically into the central system.

The apps are said to be suitable for all installation operations from a single user up and eliminate duplication and errors caused by transcribing hand-written notes in to spreadsheets, word documents, production and accounts systems.

Mobile tablet computers with apps designed specially for canvassers, sales representatives, surveyors, fitters and service engineers use forms that take the user through pre set stages of their particular function. The apps allow contract-legal signatures to be collected and transmitted directly back into the central AdminBase system.

The AdminBase sales app allows the creation of quotes that may be emailed to the customer whilst still at their property. Using simple and intuitive inputs that may be customised to the user’s requirements, the quotation may easily be converted to a contract with signatures captured directly on screen and a digital copy sent immediately to the customer. All information is uploaded directly on to the office AdminBase system for immediate processing.

Rhonda Ridge, who wrote AdminBase more than 20 years ago after working as finance manager with a window and door installer, says that the latest mobile technology has now allowed the introduction of the system she always dreamed of: “Of course we always wanted to include on-site functions into AdminBase, including sales, survey, fitting and after-sales and the latest tablet computers combined with ‘Cloud’ technology and decent mobile speeds, has allowed us to fulfil that dream. This is the most comprehensive fenestration installer management system in the world and it will revolutionise the sales and installation process where it counts most – with customers in their own homes.”


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