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Unglazed R9 completes test programme
9th October 2018

HWL Trade Frames says its non-glass bonded Residence 9 Window using Timberweld sash has now completed final independent testing, delivered in partnership with R9.

Tests on side-hung casement options were completed earlier in the year, returning a series of top-rated passes under BS EN 6375 - 1 weather testing and PAS24/Part Q. These have now been followed with a series of approvals on top-hung options.

Managing Director Mark Haley said: “With independent tests now complete on top-hung, in addition to those already completed on side hung windows, we can offer installers access to a proven product, not only in terms of technical performance but also commercial advantage.

“There’s a lot of weight to handle in an R9 glass bonded window and you’re looking at a two-man fit and that costs. If it’s damaged later down the line, you can be looking at whole window replacement because sashes will have weathered and replacement with a new sash against an older frame often stands out to the point that you have no choice but to replace it.”

The HWL window was first tested in April  by independent testing house, Exova. The BS EN 6375 - 1 Weather Test results, completed on a side hung option returning an Exposure Category of 1600, a Class 3 Air Permeability Rating (600pa); a Class 9A (600pa) Water Tightness Rating; and top Class C4 (1600pa), resistance to wind.

These were followed up by PAS24 testing, again by Exova and in partnership with Residence 9, in May for mechanical load and manual intervention testing, also returning a pass. With further tests on top-hung options completed at the end of August.


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