Guardian Glass is set to complete a six-month furnace rebuild the at its Goole float glass plant with new technologies to expand its melting capacity by 20% to 825 metric tons per day.

The Goole facility produces a wide range of float, coated and laminated glass products. Almost 100 percent of the solar control glass produced at the facility supplies projects within the UK.

Enhancements to the facility include a furnace with improved energy efficiency and increased output, enhanced automation to provide more reliable operations and reduce manual tasks and ongoing initiative to recycle cullet, increasing the cullet ratio in products to cut energy consumption, reduce raw materials and reduce waste.

Plant manager Chris Duguid explained: “Operations transformation improves efficiency and effectiveness, which boosts productivity and gives Guardian Glass a competitive advantage. These changes are critical to demonstrate to our partners that we value them and will continue to support them with industry-leading products and services.”

Guardian Glass executive vice president Guus Boekhoudt added: “This work assures that Guardian can continue to support the evolving demands of our customers with greater capacity, efficiency and environmental stewardship. It also underscores our Vision to be a preferred partner to our customers, suppliers, employees and communities based on a foundation of mutual benefit.”