The next ten-year Commitment of the European PVC industry to Sustainable Development will be launched at the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum next month, hosted live in Brussels with an online audience.

Organised by VinylPlus, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, this year’s Forum marks a significant turning point, says the organisation, with the launch of a new and even more ambitious 2030 commitment to sustainability with VinylPlus’ partners and stakeholders.

Main topics for discussion at the event on June 17 will focus on future plans for fully embracing the EU’s Circular Economy and European Green Deal ambitions and how the strategy will be achieved through a united PVC industry working together towards shared sustainability goals.

Managing director Brigitte Dero said: “Looking back at our steady progress over the past 20 years, the European PVC value chain continues to be an exemplary and pioneering industry in driving the move towards the Circular Economy and a more sustainable society. Thanks to clearly defined objectives, targets and deadlines, and the efforts and passionate commitment of the entire PVC industry, we will celebrate the achievements of the last decade at #VSF2021.”

The annual VinylPlus Product Label Awards Ceremony will reward and recognise companies that deliver the highest sustainability performance. Concluding the event will be a Signatory Ceremony and official launch of the VinylPlus 2030 Commitment.

To celebrate the launch of the new VinylPlus 2030 Commitment, #VSF2021 #TOWARDS2030 will be free of charge for this year only! Online registration is required.

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