Window Widgets has achieved a zero-landfill mark as a result of a two-and-a-half-year waste management programme.

The programme, led by QHSE manager Andrew Taylor, ensures that only compliant waste carriers with an up-to-date licence are used across the recycling and re-processing of nineteen different types of waste. Investment has been made in waste bailers and compactors at the company’s site in Quedgeley, Gloucestershire and there are additional plans to help process further materials for recycling, that are currently designated as general waste.

The general waste that can’t be recycled is transported directly to the new £633m Javelin Park incineration plant near junction 12 of the M5. The aim of this new plant is to generate enough power for 25,000 local homes, make a significant reduction in carbon emissions and will save the taxpayer £100 million over 25 years.

Elsewhere in the business the first fully electric company car has been delivered, with others to follow, while several carbon offsetting schemes are also under consideration in a companywide strategy of making Window Widgets one of the most environmentally conscious companies in the glazing and fenestration sectors. The business is also looking to change electricity suppliers when this comes up for renewal in 2022 to one that is based on 100% renewables.

Sales and marketing director Sarah Hitchings said: “It’s everyone’s role to help tackle climate change and businesses can and should be making a major contribution to the future of the planet.

“Achieving the zero-landfill mark is a major milestone for us, especially as we start to look at celebrating our 21st year in business, yet our thirst for enhancing our green credentials has never been so strong and credit must be given to Andrew Taylor for this immense achievement.”

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