Commercial Director Colin St John tells how vertical integration has changed the building products market in the fifth and final in the series of Fireside Chat videos from Freefoam.

Colin explained: “At Freefoam we’ve always believed in a free market place and the ability to grow our customers is our main aim. We want customers who are partners in our business and we’ve always strived to develop and manufacture products to help our customers win more business.”

He also illustrates the newer integrated supply model and discusses the challenges and control this can bring to stockists.

Freefoam says it  developed this series of informal videos so installers, stockists and the wider market can learn more, and agree or disagree, about important issues and trends that affect them. 

CEO Aidan Harte added: “This final video highlights an important issue – how a vertical integrated model can have significant detrimental implications for independent building product suppliers.

“Freefoam has taken a different approach to other roofline manufacturers who sought to take control of the supply chain. Instead, we focus on developing customer relationships and adapting our product range and service offering to help our customers sell more.”